Win your trades with the Trade Calculator

One of the most frequent topics of discussion at this point in the offseason is trading. Everyone in keeper leagues is trying to shore up their team to get ready for a 2016 title run (or sadly in some cases, getting rid of flotsam following a disaster 2015).


Download the free 5x5 version here!

The trade calculator is now LIVE in all versions of the Big Board to solve these questions once and for all. I've also decided to release a free standalone 5x5 version of the HarperWallbanger Trade Calculator (link above). As is the case for the Big Board, all values are calculated directly from projections as z-scores, allowing you to see exactly what a player is worth for the upcoming 2016 season. Or, in the case of keeper leagues, you can also turn on the Aging Curve feature to factor in player ages into their values! Whether you're a current owner of the Big Board or not, check this thing out, as I personally find it super useful in evaluating the trade offers I see thrown around this time of year.

- Evaluate any trade in your league's custom format
- Customize for your league's roster setup
- Compare to rankings from the common fantasy sites (Yahoo, ESPN, CBS) - if your leaguemates are using standard rankings to value your players, you'll find yourself a deal!
- View team rosters side-by-side, along with projected player stats
- Include valuation of 'empty spots' in uneven (2-for-1, 3-for-2, etc.) trades

As always, please report any bugs you might encounter, or suggest any feature you might like to see!