Triple Slash Converter

More info to come in a forthcoming Fangraphs Community post... You can use the tool below to convert a projected triple slash line (AVG/OBP/SLG) to a fantasy line (HR/R/RBI/SB/AVG).


A few optional things can be used to improve the projected fantasy line...

  • Batting order: Must be an integer between 1 to 9. Determines overall R/RBI as well as distribution of R vs. RBI. If you aren't sure, the 6th spot is about average production.
  • Team runs: Number of runs you expect the player's team to score (full season). More team runs means more player R/RBI. If you aren't sure, 720 is about average.
  • Team SB: Number of bases you expect the player's team to steal (full season). More team SBs means more player SBs. If you aren't sure, 85 is about average.
  • SPD: The SPD score for a player is fairly consistent year-to-year (outside of aging effects), and is useful for two reasons: 1) Faster players score more runs 2) SPD predicts SB's well. If you aren't sure, 3 or 4 is about average.