Player Valuation Tip #8: Draft Undervalued Players

Tip #1: Know where player values come from
Tip #2: Set your Hit/Pitch split
Tip #3: Value your Picks and Make Preseason Trades
Tip #4: Draft with tiers
Tip #5: Use xFantasy, the xStats projection system
Tip #6: Use aging curves for keeper/dynasty leagues
Tip #7: Use the best projection systems

Draft week is here, or nearly here, and right around now everyone is poring over their draft prep sheets and coming up with round-by-round targets. Here at the Harper Wallbanger blog, it's no different! This week, I'll be sorting through the Big Board for 12-team 5x5 leagues and coming up with the *most* undervalued players at each position, along with which round you should be targeting them in order to make sure you get them. I'll also throw in the Big Board's choices for players to avoid at all costs. Stay tuned as they roll out with the links below!


First base
Second base
Third base
Starting Pitcher