Draft Week! Are you ready?

As always, I'm bringing together a sort of 'Draft Day Survival Guide' for readers that sums up the preseason work here on the Harper Wallbanger blog. Keep up the good work people. By being here, I'm guessing you're more than ready to draft, but that's just half the battle - after this, onward to in-season management!

First, the Player Valuation series all in one place for easy reading:

Tip #1: Know where player values come from
Tip #2: Set your Hit/Pitch split
Tip #3: Value your Picks and Make Preseason Trades
Tip #4: Customize your Projections
Tip #5: Draft with tiers
Tip #6: Use the best projection systems
Tip #7: Draft undervalued players

If you're using the Big Board, you'll also find these helpful:

Big Board Tutorial
Patch Notes

My sincerest thanks go out to all the supporters of Harper Wallbanger and the Big Board. It's been a banner year here, with hundreds of people signing up to use the Board. Here's hoping that every single one of you dominates your drafts this year, and manages to ride that to the 'ship in your respective leagues.