The Big Board: Rest-of-Season Update

Your favorite (hopefully) fantasy baseball website is back, everybody. It's a bit of a short update here, but for years I've gotten requests for in-season updates, and so I've finally carved out some time to give it a shot. Today I've uploaded the May update for the Big Board. We're about 20% of the way through the season, and through that 20% we've already learned some things. Didi Gregorius is great. Chris Davis sucks. And a whole slew of new rookies have emerged onto the scene. With that info, the projection systems (ZiPS, Steamer, and FGDepth) have updated with new rest-of-season estimates, and so I've loaded that all up into the May version of the Big Board.

This will be a hugely useful tool for evaluating your waiver pickups or trade proposals! As always, the Big Board allows you to fully customize settings for your league and calculates player values from the chosen projection system(s). In-season management is even more important than good drafting, so a tool like this can be invaluable. Just keep in mind that the projections can be slow to adjust, especially for rookies (check out Jeff Zimmerman's recent posts on FanGraphs about that...). Whenever you're surprised by a bad projection for a younger player, keep their upside in mind. Another factor to consider - health and bullpen roles can change on a dime! Feel free to create custom projections to account for things like that, as I haven't created a fully curated list of custom projections for the in-season version of the Board.

If you already bought the Board preseason, I'm providing this update completely free. Enjoy! Tell your friends! If this proves popular, I'll continue to do updates throughout the season, so let me know if you use it and want to keep seeing these.

If you missed out on the Board preseason, it's not too late. Hit the link here to buy it and step up your game here in May. There's still a ton of baseball left to be played, so even if your team has been slow to start, don't give up hope!

As a sneak peek, here's the updated top-40 for standard leagues: