The Big Board: Mid-Season Update

Today I've uploaded the July update for the Big Board. As a reminder for how this works, the projection systems (ZiPS, Steamer, and FGDepth) have updated with new rest-of-season estimates - I have not done custom curation of the projections, so you may find yourself wanting to tweak things here and there, especially for players that are currently injured or in the midst of breakouts.

If you already bought the Board preseason, I'm providing this update completely free, just go to the original download link you received. Enjoy! Tell your friends! The response to the last update was not overwhelming, so I will say for now that these in-season updates are going to remain sporadic.

If you missed out on the Board preseason, it's not too late. Hit the link here to buy it and step up your game here in July. There's still a ton of baseball left to be played, so even if your team has been slow to start, don't give up hope!

As a sneak peek, here's the updated top-50 for standard leagues. No, do not adjust your TV sets, Juan Soto is a top-40 player. And before you take to Reddit to complain about what the projections say these players will do rest-of-season or about how your favorite over-performing player is not top-50... stop. Just stop.