The 2019 Big Board is here!


The 2019 Big Board is here! This is the definitive program for creating fully customizable player ranks/values and managing a draft board. Whether you like z-scores, standings gained points, regular points, or you don't even know what those things are, this tool will save you a ton of work and help you to win your fantasy baseball league. Stop relying on the so-called "experts" for fantasy advice - become the expert yourself! 

New this year - The ‘Update Data’ feature now allows you to directly pull in updated projections. Past users of the Board will understand this is a huge upgrade and should greatly reduce the # of times you have to re-download the Board!

After using these player value calculation methods for years to dominate my competitors in fantasy baseball, I decided to make my sheets into something that a much wider audience would find useful. I've personally put a ton of elbow grease into building this sheet from the ground up to be compatible with (nearly) every type of popular season-long fantasy baseball league out there. On the strength of the Big Board, I've worked my way up to two championship titles in the top division of the premier-league-style "Sultans of Stats" and will be playing my fourth straight year in the top division this year.

Whether you're playing for bragging rights, or planning to up your game and win some money from your unsuspecting leaguemates this year, go ahead and hit the "Download!" button. It’s just ten bucks, more than worth it even if you aren’t in a money league, because who likes drafting crappy teams and losing? You'll immediately receive a unique download link for the current version of the Board, as well as access to the Google Drive where I'll be posting updated versions of the Board throughout the preseason.

So what are you waiting for? Get the Big Board! 


Past users of the Big Board had this to say:

"My baseball preseason starts with the Big Board. Saves me so much time every year!"

"All I can think of is waiting to get the big board. It's so clear you put a ton of work into it and I couldn't manage my auction draft without it[...] Can't wait for this year's to come out!"

"I won my league for the first time last year, and I am chalking that up to the BIG BOARD!"

"I used your tool last year and ended up setting the record for most roto points in a season - and our league goes back to 1983! Looking forward to your master spreadsheet again."


  • Fully customizable to your league's settings

  • Uses z-score, SGP, or points methods to generate ranks and auction values directly from player projections

  • Choose from your favorite projections (Steamer, Pecota, ZiPS, Davenport, Fans, historical years, xStats), or easily make your own

  • Comes pre-loaded with over 250 modified projections which account for factors your favorite projection systems might miss!

  • Quickly and automagically finds replacement level based on your league settings

  • Set up a category punting strategy

  • Calculates standard 5x5 value for reference

  • Create and track a watch list

  • Search players by name/position

  • Shows 'best remaining player' for each position and each stat

  • Auto-update ESPN/Yahoo/CBS Ranks and ADPs

  • Mark+hide drafted players for in-draft management

  • Track projected performance of your team vs. everyone else's, including roto ranks and remaining budget

  • Track all team rosters

  • Calculates inflation for auction drafts

  • Supports up to 20 teams, Roto/Categories/Points, Snake/Auction, Mixed/AL/NL, CBS/ESPN/Yahoo, up to 13x14 scoring, and rosters of nearly any shape/size

  • Allows separating OF into LF/CF/RF

  • Allows player notes and comes pre-loaded with injury updates and multi-position eligibilities for every player

  • Aging curves to adjust values in dynasty/keeper leagues

  • Use the trade calculator to compare players and find the best deals

  • Check out the official tutorial

  • Streamlined appearance/color scheme on every sheet for easy viewing

  • Streamlined code for faster calculations and drafting!


Please send any feedback you have, and report any bugs you encounter.

Known issues:

  • Up to 10x10 categories will be displayed - beyond that, they will be included in the calculation but not displayed!

  • Deeper leagues may need to add additional players. The program will warn you if this is the case. Default player pool goes about 1000 players deep!

  • Mac version does not have macros and therefore does not have the various shortcut buttons present in Windows version.

  • Waiting on projections/rankings/ADPs from most sites

Please keep in mind that this is an Excel sheet, so you will need to use Microsoft Excel to access it!

Click to download the demo