Hitter Projections

Project a Slashline, Get Fantasy Stats

Top tool: Plug in basic stats to generate a triple slash.
Bottom tool: Use results of top tool, or skip straight to this one if you already have an idea of projected triple slash.

A few notes and optional things can be used to improve the projected fantasy line...

  • By default, projection systems like Steamer estimate ~150 games for most healthy players. It's not recommended to exceed this number unless you plan to create custom projections for all players. 
  • Batting order: Must be an integer between 1 to 9. Determines PA-per-game, overall R/RBI, and distribution of R vs. RBI. If you aren't sure, the 6th spot is about average production.
  • Team runs: Number of runs you expect the player's team to score (full season). More team runs means more player R/RBI. If you aren't sure, 720 is about average.
  • Team SB: Number of bases you expect the player's team to steal (full season). More team SBs means more player SBs. If you aren't sure, 85 is about average.
  • SPD: The SPD score for a player is fairly consistent year-to-year (outside of aging effects), and is useful for two reasons: 1) Faster players score more runs 2) SPD predicts SB's well. If you aren't sure, 3 or 4 is about average.

Pitcher Projections

Project IP, K, BB, Get Fantasy Stats

A few optional things can be used to improve the projected fantasy line...

  • Select a primary role (SP or RP). Tool works best for pitchers expected to fill a single role all season and may give odd results for SP-RP's.
  • Project an expected IP total. The tool automatically extrapolates a # of games started or relief appearances from this.
  • BABIP: Strong relationship to WHIP. Default value .293 (.291 for RP).
  • HR/9: Strong relationship to ERA. Default value 1.30 (1.15 for RP).
  • Team W: Number of games you project player's team to win this season. Improves accuracy of W projection. 81 wins (.500) default.
  • Role: For relievers, projected role significantly affects projected SVHD. Select "n/a" if player has no projected role in bullpen, otherwise select 7th, 8th, or 9th depending on what inning you expect them to pitch most often.